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Industrial Buildings
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Industrial Buildings



Debrecen, Industrial Park / Hall 5000 m2, Component manufacturer:

Debrecen, Industrial Park / \'BUMET\' Hall 10000 m2, Work of metal:

-TNT depot-hall, 2500m2, Eger city, 1996
-ZF Hungária production-hall, 3000m2, 1997
-ZF Gmünd production-hall, 1200m2, 1998
-Delco-Reny production-hall, 7500m2, Mezőkövesd city, 1998-99
-Transped packing- and depot-hall, 5000m2, 2002
-Hungarofarma production-hall, 3000m2, Debrecen city, 2002
-BUMET metal-spare-parts production-hall, 5000m2, Debrecen city, 2002
-Hungaerotech airplane-parts production-hall, 5000m2, Debrecen city, 2003-04
-Biogal building-20th, 1500m2, Debrecen city, 2003
-Biogal B Z Hall, 1200m2, Debrecen city, 2003
-Kasz-Coop Cold Store, 4800m2, Sáránd city, 2003
-Pellet production-hall, 6000m2, Tiszalök city, 2004
-Dangerous waste recycle-factory, 4000m2, Debrecen city, 2003-04
-Reichet metal-parts production-hall, 5000m2, Debrecen city, 2004-05

Car-showrooms and services:

Audi and Volkswagen Showroom, Debrecen, 2002,
Debrecen, Balmazújvárosi street / Ford Showroom, 2004:

Debrecen, Balmazújvárosi street / Renault Showroom-2002:

Debrecen, Industrial Park / Press Hall- 2009:

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