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Kör-Terv 68 Kft
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Welcome to our site!


We started our activity in 1994 as a private company.  From 2002 we continued our business as an ltd. After the initial smaller works we were entrusted with successively larger and more complex tasks.
Our clientele grows continuously, but we may count on our initial partners, with whom we can cover the full range of technical planning and implementation.
Our main profile is building engineering, planning and implementation. We are represented in all branches of building engineering.
We Endeavour to make our plans with use of the newest information technology devices and programs.

Basic scopes of our activity:


It the last 8 years we made serious efforts to use environment friendly and power efficient systems and contribute to their spreading.

As an example:


It is very important for our company to create suitable environment for our customers, and to be in accordance with the challenges of the present age and ensure our own development.
Because of this we have customers not just in Hungary, but in Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Austria and Romania too.
We like challenges and our aim for the future is to correspond to our existing and new partners taking into consideration of the vocational innovations according to our best knowledge.

© 2011 Kör-Terv 68 Kft.

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